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A Pentatonix member is leaving the for good, and is pulling a Zayn (or Camila)!

Mitch Grassi of Pentatonix on being gay in the cool a

Bass singer Avi Kaplan was almost brought to tears as he recorded an emotional video where he revealed his reasons for leaving the .

<em>Pentatonix</em> Member <em>Avi</em> Is Leaving The Permanently!

Pentatonix Member Avi Is Leaving The Permanently!

Since a bass singer is pretty important to such s, will Avi be replaced? The decided to inform their fans by revealing the news in an emotional video.

Aca-Aurevoir Avi Kaplan Is Leaving Pentatonix

Sitting outside in front of some random plants, the appeared solemn and depressed.

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